Shitty Reviews

A Parody of Reality

Our Goal

This is a harsh world. People die every day for unnatural reasons, and the news is sprawled with paintings of death, destruction, debauchery, and douchebaggery. There isn’t much anyone can do these days except to watch it, sigh, chuckle a bit, and move on.

Shitty Reviews is a place where we can laugh. If you’re offended by the things you read here, then you’re not the target audience (see: people who can take a joke), but if you can come here, find some comfort in a distraction from reality by parodying that very reality, then something good has happened.

Yeah, we’re not original. Our concept, and our layouts, are the same as any other site like Cracked, Maddox, or Filthy – but that’s just it: those sites give us the release we need from the worst aspects of life, and we are honored to emulate them blatantly.

So, come on. If you’re feeling down, or just need a laugh, then let us provide that for you with off-beat, offensive, insulting material. We’re not the best at what we do, and chances are we may actually be the worst – but at least we’re doing it. Matt Damon bless.



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